New song Going Home on Youtube and Soundcloud

Hello everybody,

You didn’t hear from me for a while. It has been pretty busy. I worked hard on my music among other things and finished three songs in studio Moskou. One of these songs is “Going Home” which I released on Youtube and Soundcloud. The clip of Going Home is made on a typical Dutch beach with lots of soft sand, seagulls and children playing in the sand. I wanted to catch the moment of happiness which I felt while strolling along the seaside in this quiet song


I have also started my own business “Songdream” ( to help people write their own popsong. Whether they want to become an artist or “just” like to write a song for a special person or occasion, they are all special to me. I can also help them with things like copyright and all the fuss around recording in the studio, clips and their performance on stage. I love to write my songs and hope they will enjoy it as much as I do.

Till next time!!! and have a great day!!!

Greetings Jellaso (


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