New song “Win or Lose” on Soundcloud and new clip of “Protect our Freedom” on Youtube

Hello everybody,

Hope you are enjoying your day.

I have been working on a new clip for “Protect our Freedom” which I placed on Youtub

Furthermore I released a new song on Soundcloud “Win or Lose” A song about the circle of life, bad luck and hope.

It’s inspired by this beautiful sunny summerweek in which the netherlands came third at the soccer world championships in Brasil and everybody was excited and celebrating and a few days later the terrible accident with MH17 (airplane) happened and the country was in shock including me. So much sorrow in so many families. And isn’t it so, that every day terrible things happen to so many people all over the world.

I think that whatever happens in peoples lives, what makes them survive and conquer sorrow and fear, is hope! And ofcourse faith and love.

My hope for you is that you are all well. Have a nice day,

Greetings Jellaso

heads or tails
heads or tails

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