About elections, my song Protect our Freedom, spring and my song ‘Just Lazy’

Hello everybody,

got a lot of warm reactions again. It means a lot to me!

You’ll think what have these items in common. I am a person who is often troubled about what is going on in the world. At this moment I am pondering about the next elections in March in Holland and other countries in Europe. In Holland we have a Parliament (2nd Chambre we call it) and every person with new ideas can establish a new party. Ofcourse when they have a mininum amount of votes (we call it an election threshold). So we have a lot of smaller and bigger parties in Holland. The biggest ones in general form a coalition who will govern the country. We also have a 1st Chambre that is involved with new legislation which is presented to them by the 2nd Chambre and they can accept or reject this new legislation. In this way the 1st Chambre controls in a positive way the government.

At this moment the election polls show that most of the voters in Holland don’t know where to vote on. This is one of the latest issues in democracy. Many people want all their ideas to be represented by a party and ofcourse there is not one that complies with this standard. There are also many social issues and most of the parties with great programms stay in denial when it comes to these social issues. This makes more peope vote on radical politicians than if there had been an alternative. I don’t agree with these politicians but nevertheless respect their opinion. That’s what democracy is about. But I don’t like the way things are said. On the other hand I don’t agree either on parties who say there is no problem at all or state that we all just have to get used to all the new problems and changes without presenting answers. So I keep hoping that there will be a sensible answer of the other parties. Because I really think that they make things worse by denying these social issues and the fear – of many people – caused by all the fast changes. When people denie, there is in my opinion simply no room for dialogue, nuance and solutions. So I really wish many people will let their voice be heard and are going to vote. It’s such a powerful right! (‘Protect our Freedom’). Wonder what March will bring….

Well ofcourse I trie not to worry all the time about what is going on in the world. At this moment finally the first springflowers are visible, the days are getting longer and everybody is looking out for good times to come. Happily we don’t know what lies ahead. Only the here and now counts and I realise how lucky I am compared with so many people in the world. So every day I also trie to count my blessings and to enjoy. This is also what ‘Just Lazy’ is about. It’s a typical ‘happy’ summersong with a tropical touch. The people loved the chorus so I put a bit more in it and made some other improvements. I finished this improved version in July 2016. Today I deceided to place it on Soundcloud because the sun is shining and it makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile too!

Link Just Lazy (improved version) https://soundcloud.com/henriette-20/just-lazy-improved-version

The beautiful Witch Hazel in our garden!

Warm greetings, Jellaso

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