#Castle Europe!?#

Hello folks,

Thanks again for all your reactions and comments.

I have been quite busy these last weeks. But today I thought: now I am just going to do it and write a blog again. Although it’s 28 degrees in my office at home. I work in the attic and our house is not built for these kinds of temperatures. So I am really sweating now! Happily it’s fun to do.

A lot has happened in the meantime. I finished in the studio two songs which I am going to release. For people who don’t make music I will trie to explain a bit on the process. I work on Logic Pro and I write and arrange songs. But when a song is released it has to meet certain standards. Loudness, the way the song is compressed and so on. So this is done in the studio. Now I am facing my first release and this is a jungle of almost incomprehensible sites and regulations. But well, my motto is, keep smiling and don’t give up.

In Europe a lot of things have happened in the meantime too. In Holland, like I predicted, the parties find it hard to form a government. Many parties are equally small and none can rule without at least two other parties and they have in general different goals. Happily the country is also governed well without government…. The elections in the UK and France were thrilling and the outcome astonishing, at least for me! Not to speak of the directions one of our largest allies the US is taking, the incidents with our ally Turkey, the refugeeproblems, the climatproblems. Really the list gets longer and longer. And ofcourse there are these terrorist attacks of extremists. What a strange times it are. No idea where this is going to lead us all. Like I stated before, I think it’s exceptional that I have been living in peace for my whole life until now. Maybe because of the aftershock of the horrors of both World War I and II. To me the world seems very unstable at this moment. I Hope that ‘castle Europe’ stays upright in the storm.

I sometimes feel ‘flooded’ by bad news and terrible stories every day. Sometimes I long back for the days when there were no social media and the only news came from the daily newspaper and television (twice a day). The ‘days of innocence’ I use to call them. But maybe I’m just getting old… Nevertheless this week I thought this is the limit. There was this terrible incident with the appartment complex in London and they showed a video from the smartphone from within the building with people watching down below the fire brigade coming and the anxious people in the room. They did not survive. I found it hard to sleep that night and was angry I didn’t turn the television off faster. Which is ofcourse my own responsibility….

Happily good things happen too. I was moved to see that leaders of all religions were standing side by side with a joint message to let not divide us by these attacks. I think it’s all about respect. And I fully agree that we most not let the fear poison our hearts. We have to join hands to face all the challenges that lie ahead of us.
“….So I appeal to every woman and man, raise your voice as loud as you can, close the ranks to protect our legacy, of freedom and equality….” Part of the text of Protect our Freedom! (Protect our Freedom last version song by Jellaso)

Well folks, happy to be on this journey with you.

Best wishes!

Greetings Jellaso

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