I got a lot of reactions on my song Protect our Freedom. I would like to thank you all. I do have a request though. I sometimes get reactions in languages I do not know like Russian and I think Brazilian. I do have google translate but mine does not always work. Because I sometimes therefore have no idea what you have written, I have deceided not to accept these mails. I apologise for that but hope you understand. I don’t mind when you write ‘bad’ English. I am Dutch and English is no native language to me either…. To me it’s the ’tone” that matters.

I would like to intruduce myself to you so you can put the things that I write in perspective.

I am 58 and lost my job as a manager a few years ago. It was at the height of the financial crisis and there were no job opportunities at all. So to keep up the spirit, I deceided to do work as a volunteer for Unicef and took singing lessons. It was the time of the introduction of the smartphone and I often used mine for my singing practise. In the meantime I discovered Garageband and LogicPro, computerprogramms to support homerecording and songwriting. Suddenly all the pieces came together. I have always had this idea that I could write songs. I had this strange experience that I was dreaming of making whole compositions in my sleep for a long time. And it nagged on me. So I just started and from that moment on I’ve been writing a lot of songs. In general a song just pops up in my head. Going Home on YouTube is a good example of such a song. It is completely how I felt at that moment. The ‘idea’ (part of the melody and text) was sung on my voicerecorder while walking on the beach.

I enjoy to write and compose my songs. It makes me happy to inspire other people. Nevertheless, I sometimes  doubt whether I will go on. It would be nice to earn some money too. So at this moment I am standing at a crossroad. Wonder where I will stand in a couple of years. Hopefully you will follow me in this new episode in my life.

My message for today is ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. Go for your dreams if not for work than as a hobby. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old. It’s never too late to start and don’t mind what other people say!

Happy greetings, Jellaso

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