Election after burn

Hello everybody,

I really like your reactions. Happy I could help some folk with my content!

Well in the meantime the elections are over and I feel pretty relieved. Common sense has ruled and almost 80% of the people have voted, which is a lot. I am proud to say that the middle parties have won. I personally don’t favour people with extreme opinions. Like I stated before, in my opinion people with extreme opinions are often less open minded for discussions (dialogue) and other points of view. I was also proud because there was a big diplomatic issue with another country in the days before the election. I am happy that it didn’t polarize our political landscape.
It will still be a hell of a job though to form a stable government for there are 6 parties larger. To be continued.

The diplomatic incident has also made me aware, how vulnerable people are when it comes to reliable independent information. Many leaders of countries want to get their point or make others look bad by falsification of evidence or history. It just happens too much. And too many people who get only one sort of information will take it for granted. What worries me even more is that the technical progress makes it easy to falsify the facts. For instance I have recently seen this new application which manipulates a face of a person so good that you can’t see that the text you hear is not the text the person speaks. Who invents such dangerous games!!?? Where will this lead us all!?

I am convinced that most information I get is still pretty trustworthy, but am happy that measures are taken to doublecheck a lot of information and remove the disinformation. It are certainly strange developments.

Well you see I am a worrier… ( Not to be mistaken for warrior!!!!!)

Last saterday I had several performances in an art gallery and it was fun to do. So with this picture I will finish today.


Greetings Jellaso

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