Electionday 15 March / Protect our Freedom

Next wednesday (15 March) I will vote. I am still doubting, although my choice has narrowed down to 2 parties. It’s incredible but there are at this moment 27!! parties. When I got my electoral list I had this notion that this list with so many parties is also a reflection of what is going on in our society in general. We are less patient and prepared to listen to other points of view and less willing to compromise. In my opinion somthing which has always been a strong pillar in our democracy. Instead we get angry or sent hatemails. Politicians these days need to have a strong backbone.

In these political parties happens the same. Ofcourse it’s – even in a small party – impossible to agree on all the points in the party programm. What happens is that they ‘just’ leave and found a new party etc. etc. There used to be much less and more larger political parties. This could mean that if they all stay small after the elections it’s difficult to form a stable government. It’s like going on holiday and having to deceide where to go. The more people are involved, the more difficult it gets to go to a destination everybody likes….. Maybe narrowing down the number of parties in the parliament would help!?

When it gets more and more difficult to make decisions as a government and there are always a lot of people roaring around and it takes longer and longer to take decisions because everybody wants to have their ‘say’, the call for a ‘strong’ leader who just deceides by it’s own will get louder as Socrates already noted! And we see this already happen everywhere.

Well, we’ll see what next wednesday brings.

Greetings Jellaso
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