Hello everybody out there,

I felt inspired to write a small blog by reading your comments. For me it was a big thing and adventure to start with this blog. I did not know what to expect. Therefore I am very happy with the respectful mails I receive and I want to express my gratitude for your kindness. Not that I mind getting feedback. My blog can only get better by that, but as I have stated before, it’s all about the tone in which things are said! To me it’s important to be respectful to each other and receiving your reactions gives me this feeling that there are a lot of decent people out there.

Today I want to write about my neckless. Although it’s not expensive it means a lot to me and I wear it a lot. Ofcourse like most people I have my ups and downs. What helps when I’m not having my best moment is e.g. hearing music, and looking at positive and encouraging symbols. It are powerful messages to the brain. They help me to take things less heavy. The necklace stands (as was pointed out to me) for happiness in Chinese and sentences like: I live, I float, I am happiness. And ofcourse….. eating chocolate helps too….

Greetings Jellaso

Meer lezen?

Work in progress

Note of the writer Thanks for all your nice words. It warms my heart. I consider myself a newcomer in blogging. I am very pleased and grateful that my circle of blogfriends is getting larger and larger. But…. The downside is that it starts to become almost impossible to answer all your remarks or read […]

Afterburn on women’s rights

In my previous blog I wrote about freedom and universal women’s rights with a focus on Holland. I was stunned when I studied the information about this issue on internet. Even I didn’t realize how few rights women (my mother) had before 1956 even though they were entitled to vote and to be elected since […]