Love love, hate my computer!

Hello folks,

My computer drives me crazy. It’s a daily annoyance. Almost nothing makes me as angry grrrr – as my computer when it doesn’t work or do what I want. Because I know it’s not sensible I will not smash it, but sometimes I have to hold back the urge to do this….!

I most admit, I am of a generation which didn’t grow up with computers. Furthermore I am, what we call in Holland, an ‘Alpha’ person. This means I am not good in mathematics (‘Betha’) but in for example languages. Math was always complete abracadabra for me ha ha. I was glad I could drop it after 4 years at high school (12-18 years).

That I have managed to learn to work on windows was a huge personal victory. When I got my Apple computer, at the beginning working on it drove me crazy. Everything was different from what I was used to. To me there was nothing ‘organic’ about it. I even considered selling it again in the beginning…. Really…. Okay, I learned to manage it. Then came Garageband and now Logicpro as musicprogramms for my computer. Being a ‘computerdinausaurus” I learned to work with these systems with pure perseverance. But there it did not stop. All these programms have updates in general to make things ‘better’ or ‘easier’ . Well not for me. These updates simply drive me crazy too and really sometimes desperate. Does anybody out there recognize this????

Happily my husband helps me out, but without him I would often not know what to do. Especially when the programm gets stuck. So I apologize to everyone who asks for help in my blog when they have computerproblems because in general I have no clou. I really wish it was different. Please forgive me.

I see that the government and companies are all changing the business from personal contact to digital contact. Our whole society is being digitized. Taxes, insurances, all the information of the government and hospitals etc. I think it’s unstoppable, but also think that measures have to be taken. We have to protect all these people who are not good at using computers. For some people it’s just impossible to learn to handle a computer. And what about all these people with less chances for education or people who become more and more forgetful because of a disease or just because they get older. There are so many criminals out there. I get so many fishing-mails! I know already a few people who suffered from ‘ransom blackmails’. They lost all their peronal data including pictures of the children. Ofcourse back-up, back-up, back-up, but still….

There is so much private information on our computers. We do our banking on our computers. Who will help when we are not able anymore to track all the changes. When we forget our passwords or lose the people we trust to help with the computer when it’s f.i. stuck or new software has to be installed. This is not something we must leave to nice volunteers who want to help. I love people but when it comes to money I am less convinced of the good intentions of everyone. How can we safeguard our interests. For I am convinced that when we are lucky enough to reach a high age, most of us will not be able to remember all the actions to be performed.

Maybe it’s an idea to establish certified institutions where these services are offered for a reasonable price. Bad things can always happen but at least the chance of fraud is smaller and there is an organisation which can be sued in court??? It could be a public-private cooperation where the government sets the legal frameworks.

Well happily my computer is working now.

Hope you have a beautiful day!!!!

Warm greetings, Jellaso

P.S. I am working on a subscriberslist. But as you will understand, this is also a big challenge for me ha ha.


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