Protect our Freedom: May 5, 2017: the celebration of 72 years of Freedom!!!

Hello everybody,

Tomorrow we celebrate that we live free of oppression and in freedom. It’s the day our country was liberated in 1945 from our occupiers and the end for Holland of the Second World War which lasted 5 years. May 5 is also a day to reflect on the importance of freedom and to realize how vulnerable and precious our freedom is and to reflect on the lack of freedom in other parts of the world. We must never take our freedom for granted and have to continue to Protect Our Freedom Song Protect our Freedom

May 5, means a lot to me. It’s important to never forget the horrors of war. The number of people who died (civilians and soldiers) are estimated between 50 and 70 million and approximately 60 countries were involved! I start to believe that it’s very exceptional that we already live in freedom for 72 years. I wish mankind had learned a lesson of this war but well, what can I say.

On May 4, today, we always commemorate with several ceremonies, all the people who died and the brave men and women (Dutchmen and Allies) who fought for our freedom and even gave their lives to free our country. This evening at 8 o’clock there are 2 minutes of silence. An impressive and to me emotional moment. I will not forget!

I dance, I sing
I feel free
The wind in my hair
The sun in my face
Happy I can be
Who I want to be!

The Dutch national flag hangs half-stick on the 4th of May

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